Old Mill House ,Le Claire IA, 419 N Cody Road

the Old Mill House is a National Register of Historic Places property.

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 HISTORY of the Old Mill House a National Historic Register Property
the Old Mill house was the home of J.W. Van Sant, a river captain and owner of the  'Le Claire Mill and Railway Company'.  He  and his son Samuel operated 82 Riverboats during the late 19th Century. They moved huge rafts of logs from Northern Minnesota and Wisconsin.  He invented a river boat with a stern paddle wheel that facilitated the efficient movement of those log rafts that measured 1200 long' by 300' wide,two logs deep by the way..  His invention lead to an exclusive contract with the Weyerhauser-Denkman Lumber company of Rock Island.

.  Between Le Claire and Davenport  they established a work around to manage the treacherous Mississippi Rapids which had become a barrier to River traffic and commerce.  The Town of

 Le Claire became the destination for accomplished sea pilots who transitioned their abilities to help manage the Upper Mississippi River in particular the Le Claire Rapids.  Thirteen prominent River Pilots came to build their homes and families in Le Claire over the second half of the 19th Century.

There was a huge Rock Elm,the 'GreenTree', marking the head of the Rapids.  When a river boat came down river it found a knowledgeable crew and pilot waiting under 'GreenTree' at Le Claire to safely navigate the Rapids.  On reaching Davenport, the temporary crew would board another northbound boat or take a carriage back to Le Claire. The stretch of river between the towns of Le Claire and Davenport was thus afforded a safe passage gateway on the upper Mississippi River.

Buffalo Bill Cody was born in Le Claire. Le Claire was established and platted by Colonel Davenport at the head waters of the 15 Mile stretch of treacherous rapids. Davenport,Iowa was platted at the mouth of these Rapids at the same time, Antoine Le Claire platted Davenport, naming it after his great friend Col Davenport.  And likewise,Col Davenport plated the town of Le Claire naming it after his great friend.

Buffalo Bill?  The City of Le Claire sold his birthplace cabin to the town Cody, Wyoming.  Le Claire's Mississippi River history museum is called the Buffalo Bill Museum and  Le Claire's main street is called Cody Road.  Now, that's nice,BUT the river history is spectacular!

   The 'GreenTree' was replaced by a boulder that was given to Le Claire by Buffalo Bill's boyhood friend.  Le Claire is grateful that Buffalo Bill's fame brings people to Le Claire to discover its rich river history.

Visit Le Claire and the Mill House soon and enjoy the beautiful panoramic views of the Mississippi and 19th century architecture.  

Click on Enseyco Insurance or DrCrystalsChriropracticCare.com above to go to that web site. If you would to stay over at the Old Mill House and get a taste of History and escape to relaxation of the Mississippi that is Le Claire.. we are just off the I-80 Bridge at US Hwy 67 at the Mississippi River.

.LeClaire Silverwave Association, Inc is a non profit Foundation that supports education in the History of Le Claire and recommends Preservation of Historic Homes and Structures

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